From Dust

From Dust

The 'play god' genre makes a welcome return


  • Two modes of play


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Very good

From Dust is a 'god game', a genre that began with 1989's Populous and was popular thoughout the 90s. You control the fate of a nomadic tribe of people, shaping their environments and beliefs.

In this god game, you take on the role of a God who has to both protect his flock from the elements, while enlightening them so they survive better. You'll do this by hands on manipulation of the environment, which is great fun, and looks amazing. Tsunamis, for example, look incredible, and are as beautiful as they are horrific.

The gameplay can get surprisingly frenetic - this is a real time game, and you'll really have to multitask to succeed. Playing God is hard!

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From Dust


From Dust

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